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Consumers and business community should stand with the government to prevent inflation.

Related to the enforcement of the rule of law in the country, ministry of trade and industry developed a plan to work on the prevention of inflation in the market. Mr. Melaku Alebel, minister for MOTI said that alleviating export related problems, maximizing the export earning of the country, increasing production and improving supply chain management, securing the local and export market are center of attention for the ministry.

In the past four months, MOTI was planned to gain 1.7 billion USD from different export goods and secured 1.1 billion (92%) USD. Besides more than 4 million quintals of sugar and 392 million liters of edible oil imported and distributed to stabilize the local market.

To prevent inflation, works are under way; regulating some basic controlled commodities that have a great impact on the market, product maximization and taking measures on those who are engaging in artificial price escalation mentioned Mr. Melaku.

The responsibility of enforcing the law is not left to the government only, but also consumers & business community should fight against illegal trade practice he added.

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