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Ethiopia will be a prosperous and promising country in the next 10 years.

Mr. Melaku Alebel, Minister of Trade and Industry of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, said Ethiopia will be a prosperous and promising country in the next 10 years. His Excellency Mr. Melaku Alebel, received the Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Zaho Zhiyuan, at his office.

During the discussion, his ExcellencyMr Melaku Alebel said that Ethiopia and China have a long-standing friendship and the relationship has reached a new level, which has ensured the relative and comparative advantage of the two countries.

The Chinese government has played a pivotal role in Ethiopia's current economic growth and this assistance will be continued and be strengthened for the future he added.

The Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Zaho Zhiyuan, on his part said Ethiopia's enforcement of law mission in Tigray Regional State has achieved its main goal and the Chinese government will deliver its full support for the establishment of everlasting peace in the country.

Even when the COVID-19 event disrupted international activities, the relationship between the two sister countries continued and this is an exemplar for the other countries.

Finally, the Ambassador conveyed his congratulatory message to His Excellency Mr. Melaku for his contribution to modernizing the African trade system and asked him to promote the historical ties between the two countries by using his influence and FDRE Ministry of Trade and Industry, led by an influential & extraordinary person like Melaku, has played a major role in the growth and revitalization of the sector.


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