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If we are to reform trade and industry, we need to work to maintain trade balance

The Amhara National Regional State held a discussion with the private sector in Bahir Dar. Eshete Asfaw, State Minister of Quality, Trade and Regulatory Sector at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, along with more than 65 importers, exporters, trade associations and sector associations representing the state's trade and market development as well as industry and investment heads Berhanu Tamialew and Girma Shitla. They held a consultation forum. He said the development of the manufacturing sector is one of the pillars of the industrial strategy. It is stated that it is working in collaboration with various stakeholders and accountable institutions. He said the problem-solving dialogue with the private sector is an important part of helping to implement the reforms. If we bring about trade and industry reform, we will increase exports. The balance between our exports and imports is unhealthy. For example, our revenue and expenditure balance was 2.8 billion in 2011 and we spent $ 18 billion. In 2012, the revenue was 3 billion USD and the revenue was 21 billion USD, according to the State Minister.

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