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It’s planned to earn 3.91 Billion Dollar from Export Trade

Ministry of Trade and Industry plans to earn 3.91 billion USD from the export sector in the current fiscal year 2013 E.C.

According to the yearly plan, it’s expected to generate 2.918 billion USD and 587.5 million USD from Agricultural and manufacturing industries products respectively, which will be monitored and supported by the ministry.

Five-year agricultural productivity and productivity analysis, five-year export performance analysis, Prediction for the supply of agricultural products for the 2012/13 season Estimation, The demand for agricultural products in the international market, World Market Agricultural Commodity Price Forecast, Analysis of Export Commodities Storage since (FY 2012), Analysis of the Inputs of Agricultural Products for Domestic Industries, Expansion of expenditure on agricultural products and the positive and negative impacts of the CVD-19 epidemic on agricultural products have been included as a starting point for the preparation of the plan.

Following the positive indicators of the initial plan, improving product supply and quality, strengthening legal frameworks, improving operational systems, improving financial systems, controlling illegal trade and smuggling, and expanding market access are the main issues that are going to implement for the achievement of the given plan.

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