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Manufacturing industry owners should provide the foreign exchange information they generate after production.

It is said that when manufacturing industries owners request a foreign exchange, they should provide the foreign exchange information they produce after production.

Senior officials of the Ministry of Trade and Industry discussed on the study which was presented by the textile, leather and leather industry associations to solve the problems of the sector.
According to Melaku Alebel minister of trade& industry, any manufacturing industry owner is required to provide information based on a detailed study of the foreign exchange that will be saved by importing and exporting value-added products.

He said the growth of the sector cannot be achieved by boasting that it has the capacity to increase the capacity of its actors. Human resource training, factory production and service problem-solving research can be done by hiring workers who are internationally known and sharing their knowledge with others, and by showing the government alternative options to solve the problem and be part of the solution.

Textile and apparel as well as leather sector associations have presented the study to solve the problem of the sector and discussed.

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