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Netherland leads the Ethiopian export trade

Netherland leads the Ethiopian export trade


Addis Ababa, August 25, 2020 (MOTI) Netherland is the 1st destination of Ethiopian export trade in 2012 E.C Flower, Coffee, Fruits & vegetables, OilSeed, Processed Hair Oil, Juice, Processed Textile & Garment, Pulse, Others, Electronics, Shoes, Coffee Processed, Leather Products, Bee Wax, Processed spice, OilSeed, Food &Flour, Beverage, Spice, Chat, Tea, and Metals are the items that exports to Netherlands’ and earns 320,162.35 USD.

The 2nd destination is America. Ethiopia gain 295,809.17 USD from Textile & Garment, Coffee, Shoes, Flower, Leather Products, Oilseed, Food & Flour, Processed Oilseed, Food & Flour, Others, OilSeed Processed, Spice Processed, Mineral Products (Other gold & Tantalite ore), Chemicals & construction materials, Finished Leather, Pulse, Spice, Beverage, Fruits & Vegetables, Cereals, Metals, Animal Products, Bee Wax, Coffee, Processed, Tea, Hair Oil, Natural Gum, Natural Honey and Milk & milk Products that exports to USA.

Ethiopia earns from Somalia 291,855.37 USD, Saudi Arabia 214,652.57 USD, and Germany 174,283.18 USD from the export items.

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