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The Ministry of Trade and Industry is working to solve the problems faced by the private sector

 The Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) has said that the first half of 2013 will focus on the performance of the trade and industry sectors and the issues to be addressed in the second half of the year. They also held talks with government officials in Hawassa. Director General of the Textile and Garment Industry Development Institute of the Federal Ministry of Trade and Industry, Sileshi Lema Lehukan. He said the main purpose of the meeting was to consult with private sector owners and actors on issues that could improve and ensure the effectiveness of the private sector, so that the private sector can focus on its plans for the next fiscal year, both individually and collectively. He said it is a field visit and discussion designed to further expand our positive and strong strengths in the process of identifying the obstacles that are being encountered in the process of the private sector.

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