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The success of the second round of the Renaissance Dam is not only economic but also humane, as Ethiopia respects the riparian countries' right to use the water.

According to a 2018 World Bank report, "about 70 percent of Ethiopia's population lives without electricity." The purpose of the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is to provide affordable electricity to more than 60 million Ethiopians in the service, industrial and agricultural sectors, which have been plagued by power shortages. This pace of development will be more successful than the structural meaning of raising the country's energy, which will change the lives of poor Ethiopians. It is also a symbol of the heroism of Ethiopians in the process of building sustainable socio-economic development that will reduce carbon emissions, which the world is striving to achieve. Ethiopia is in line with its green development aspirations.

Therefore, the construction of this dam for Ethiopia is not a matter of choice and luxury, but an answer to the question of whether or not to cross the poverty line with a population of 112 million.

Like the genocide last July, the first round of the second round of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam has been completed successfully and with great Ethiopian heroism. This filling project, like last year, did not compromise Ethiopia's right to use the Nile River, but also respected the rights of the lower countries to use the water. This is a platform and a symbol of justice for Ethiopia, which has repeatedly demonstrated its adherence not only to its right to self-determination but also to the international laws and conventions it has signed.

Ethiopia has repeatedly stated that it believes the dam will bring many benefits to the Horn of Africa region and beyond.

And congratulations Ethiopia !! You are talking about all the riparian countries that are using the dam, not just its own people.

The FDRE Ministry of Trade and Industry also said that all its plans are linked to energy self-sufficiency, adding that the joy of this special day is the greatest and most successful.

Therefore, our Ministry congratulates the desert heroes who are participating in the construction of the dam, the wonderful Ethiopians who have contributed to the construction of the dam, the Ethiopians who have contributed to the success of the project, the foreigners and governments who have worked to respect Ethiopia's development rights.


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