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Two million quintals of sugar is being imported

The Ministry of Trade and Industry said two million quintals of sugar are being imported to prevent sugar shortage due to the upcoming New Year.

Ministry of Trade and Industry Communication Affairs Director Mr. Wondimu Flate, expose 2 million quintals of sugar has been procured to meet the growing demand for sugar due to the upcoming Ethiopian New Year.

Sugar, a basic food product, is being produced locally and distributed to the public, and is being imported when demand exceeds supply. At this time there is no supply problem as the Ministry of Trade and Industry is working with the Sugar Corporation to stabilize the country's sugar market and provide the society with the required amount of sugar.

Sugar Corporation Head of Supply Monitoring and Warehouse Mr. Desalegn Tesema, on his side, said despite the fact that sugar is entering the country, there is no shortage of sugar for the next two months.

However, because illegal traders and brokers can hide, increase prices and disrupt the market, they can create shortages. The government will monitor the perpetrators and take action and enforce the law, Wondimu added.

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