Finance and Procurement Directorate Finance and Procurement Directorate

Finance & Procurement Directorate Duties

  • Receive the approved Budget and prepare annual & monthly Cash-flow.
  • Collecting the customer need and prepare procurement plan.
  • Collecting price of items from the market and distribute to the users.
  • Prepare the  bid document and send for advertisement.
  • Sell the  bid document.
  • Evaluation and approval of the procurement winners.
  • Notifying the result of the procurement documents.
  • Preparing the contract document and enter into a contract.
  • Follow-up the bank ,transit etc. cases.
  • Collecting Performa, Evaluate the document and sending  the purchase order.
  • Prepare the budget request  form and collect the approved budget.
  • Making payment for purchase and non- purchase payment requests.
  • Settlement of payables and receivables.
  • Recording of accounting transactions and preparation of financial reports.
  • Preparing cash and Bank reconciliations
  • Proper Documentation of Financial & non-financial documents for auding
  • Property registration and control.
  • Inventory
  •  Maintenance  and discarding of damaged properties 
  • Providing transport services
  • Fuel and Lubricants distribution and control
  • Providing photocopy, Telephone, sanitation, guard etc. services

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