Import and Export Goods Quality Control Directorate Import and Export Goods Quality Control Directorate

Duties and Responsibility of Import export goods quality control Directorate

  1. Regulate the legal metrological system of the country, its enforcement and coordinate the concerned regulatory bodies;
  2. Conduct pattern registration of weigh and measure of the country and grant permit
  3. Verify weight and measure used in trade
  4. organize consultative forum with regions on  legal metrology enforcement
  5. Control the qualities of export and import goods prohibit the importation and exportation goods that do not comply with mandatory Ethiopian Standards
  6. Represent the country on seminars workshops or conferences matters related legal metrology or Import export inspections
  7. Carry out assessments and arrange agreements with third party conformity assessment bodies abroad to conduct Pre shipment inspection
  8. Coordinate branch offices activities and evaluate  them against planned   objectives

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