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Agreement reached to increase trade between Ethiopia and Turkey to one billion dollars



A delegation led by the Minister of Trade and Industry, Melaku Alebel, held the 8th Ethio-Turkey Economic, Trade and Technical Cooperation Commission meeting in Ankara, Turkey on trade, industry, and services.

During the meeting, the two sides agreed to increase trade between the two countries to one billion dollars, reduce trade deficits, reduce trade barriers between countries, encourage investment, and support micro and small enterprises.

Via: Mr. Muse Mindaye, Director of Trade Relations and negotiation& member of the delegation team.


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The ministry and the Addis Ababa City Administration are said to be working together

 A federal delegation led by Yohannes Dinkayehu, State Minister of Metal, Chemical and Construction Materials Industry, visited the Honey Steel Factory, Arodringing Plant Factory, Yirgachefe Coffee Factory and other manufacturing industries and shopping malls in Addis Ababa. During the visit, it was stated that the ministry and the city administration will work together to increase the contribution of the sector to the country's economic growth by supporting the manufacturing industry and improving the business system.

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The construction of shopping malls will have a significant impact on protecting the needs and rights of the society

A federal delegation led by Yohannes Dinkayehu, State Minister for Metals, Chemicals and Construction Inputs Industry Development, Ministry of Trade and Industry He held talks with the business community in Indu and the city administration. During the field visit, the delegation visited Bu Bu Vegetable Market Center, which is less than a month old, said the construction of the plant, which will ensure the benefit of the community, ensure legitimate fruit and vegetable trade and ensure the quality of the vegetables, will contribute to the improvement of the business system.


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Turkey expresses interest in investing in Ethiopia


 A delegation led by the Minister of Trade and Industry of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Melaku Alebel, arrived in Istanbul, Turkey for talks with Turkish Business Council and investors in various fields. During the meeting, gaps in foreign exchange, customs tax, bank guarantee, law enforcement and other issues were raised by the participants. According to Muse Mandaye, Director of Trade and Industry at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the delegation also expressed interest in working with the Turkish investment sector.

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Leather factories need special support to be able to produce at full capacity


A team led by State Minister of Trade and Industry, Misganu Arga, toured various industrial factories in the country. He said the country's industries, especially in the leather industry, should be supported in terms of job creation and export.


The leather industry, which is part of the manufacturing sector, is facing significant challenges in supplying raw materials, foreign exchange, waste disposal, quality and supply, and energy supply. He said the ministry is working in collaboration with relevant institutions and regions to provide the necessary support.

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