Public Relations and Communication Affairs Office Public Relations and Communication Affairs Office

Duties and responsibility of Ministry of Trade Public Relations and Communication Affairs Office

  1. Public Relations and Communication in the Ministry of Trade all activities in the public relations and Information Communication taking responsible, cooperate, lead and works as spokes person.
  2. Documents and information's of the organization systematically and carefully collecting and making documentation so that ready to share.
  3. Plan organize and to be done verities of duties in the public relations so that fulfill the mission and vision of the organization, making good relationship among the employees and also developing and creating good image of the organization and the country at large.
  4. About the ministry of Trade monitoring media and collect, analysis and suggest to use as feedback and send to higher responsible and authorized person.
  5. Coordinate the relationship between the organization and both domestic and foreign media, in order to give information by responsible person.
  6. Organize and facilitates events, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, bazaars, different discussions on policies, strategies and laws so as to create common understanding and create good image of the country.
  7. Plan and cooperate the development activities, projects, events, completed tasks of the organization to be visited by the responsible, higher authorized person, journalists and community members.
  8. Facilitate to create expand and get better high skills and well mannered ethical public relations worker by giving different trainings.
  9. Plan, prepare and getting media coverage for policies, strategies, plans, projects and programs in order to introduce common understanding at national level through electronic media.
  10. Facilitate and taking task to administrate, photograph audio-video, logo design, website and printing media.
  11. Making and building good relationship with foreign journalists and film producers who have got license from legal body.
  12. Follow up and checking the advertisements which are respected the law, the level and clearly identified the organization.
  13. According to the country law of information, facilitate agents and branches to share information.
  14. In order to get rid. Of un expected threats, discuss with the concerned persons and find the solution by searching information
  15. Evaluate and make research up on the effectiveness of the duties of the public relations of the organization so that improve its activities.
  16. Prepare plan, budget and workers performance, and deliver necessary materials on the right time. 

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